What is a Micro-Sponsor?

It’s a reasonable question that I’ve been asked a number of times. So just what does separate a Micro-Sponsor from a Day Pass holder besides an $80 price difference?

Micro-Sponsor is a sponsorship level for individuals and small businesses who want to sponsor WordCamp in a manageable and yet still visible way. They are acknowledged on our home page with a link to their Twitter presence and provided with a Sponsors badge along with the other sponsors as well as of course receiving a ticket to the event.

Beyond that, this is an opportunity for those who are using WordPress — a free, open-source product — to give back to the community. The smaller a business is, the less time there maybe to help others. Supporting WordCamp in this way gives you the chance to pay it forward. You can help someone else find the tools that can allow them to make their idea a reality. Just as you did.

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