What is a Micro-Sponsor?

It’s a reasonable question that I’ve been asked a number of times. So just what does separate a Micro-Sponsor from a Day Pass holder besides an $80 price difference?

Micro-Sponsor is a sponsorship level for individuals and small businesses who want to sponsor WordCamp in a manageable and yet still visible way. They are acknowledged on our home page with a link to their Twitter presence and provided with a Sponsors badge along with the other sponsors as well as of course receiving a ticket to the event.

Beyond that, this is an opportunity for those who are using WordPress — a free, open-source product — to give back to the community. The smaller a business is, the less time there maybe to help others. Supporting WordCamp in this way gives you the chance to pay it forward. You can help someone else find the tools that can allow them to make their idea a reality. Just as you did.

What Can I Get Out of WordCamp?

I just received an email with an excellent question that many others might have. I was asked if the sessions would give any insight on how to better their website with WordPress? Or what is the overall takeaway I will get from the conference?

WordCamp is intended to be an opportunity to exchange information and meet people working with the platform. Our camp will have an entire set of sessions for people who want to learn more about building with WordPress. The other two sets of sessions will cover topics involving content, design, business experiences and growth, and a few other general topics. So depending on what you’re looking to improve, you’re likely to find some new ideas.

The other advantage to WordCamp is the concentration of people in the industry. It gives you a chance to talk to others and exchange your own ideas and experiences as well as meet people who might know of or about a tool you need or a service you could use. Often you can find designers and developers (or what other help you might need) that you might want to hire to take on the tasks that you don’t want to tackle on your own. But also, those same people are more often than not very happy to point you toward a solution that you can implement yourself.

So, my short answer would be, “Yes”, but of course I can’t make any guarantees. However, our hope is that you will come away with insight, inspiration, and friends.

Check Out This Years Speakers

Just like with a website, a lot goes on behind the scenes before WordCamp takes shape. However, the speakers have been selected and as they verify their availability you can see who’s volunteering their time to make camp happen. Head over to the speaker page and see who’s there now and check back to see who’s been added.

WordCamp Grand Rapids Returns

After a two year hiatus, we’re happy to announce that WordCamp Grand Rapids is officially on the calendar! Join us August 26, 2017 at Grand Valley State University where we will once again be on the Pew Campus in downtown Grand Rapids.

Unfamiliar with WordCamps?

WordCamps are casual, nonprofit, volunteer-run conferences that are local in nature and focus on connecting people who work in, use, or have a website built in WordPress. Topics can cover everything related to WordPress including things like  blogging, coding, branding, and security.

Aside from session content, WordCamps also provide the opportunity to meet people working in a similar field and to ask any questions that you might have.

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